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About Us

About Us

Young Ideapreneurs is all about nurturing, building and developing an entrepreneurial & skill development in every child as per their age groups. As we know, the skill of entrepreneurship is definitely will be the necessary skill for students growing up in this 21st Century’s “Make in India” concept as per the Indian government directives. This skill will help our young generation for a happy and fulfilling life coming forward.

We believe that, if we have the passion to learn and to do something new which is beneficial for our country then, we must learn the life changing skills where as age and background does not make any impact. If we have these life changing skills, then we can contribute and impact the world for sure.

YIP founded in year 2014. Our focus in on 21st Century education over the past 6 years under the guidance of our Founder Mr. Subhash Sharma and his team committed to train the NextGen Entrepreneurs, with the only aim of “Together we are delivering, we will and we can”. This journey started when our Mentor, then at one of the leadership position in one of the best organization, observed how students were so reluctant, unprepared but want to lean something extra in their life within their school education and beyond.

YIP workshops are specially designed for students as per 5+3+3+4 approach, so that they can leverage our experience to create an entrepreneurial and growth mindset. We firmly believe in “Learning with the help of activities” and all our workshops are activity based and we encourae every student to participate in all the activities to learning entrepreneurs skill set. For a holistic and consistent learning experience, we not only have programs for schools, we extend our programs to Collages, individuals and other groups as well. We have 100% customized plug and play curriculum, so that schools can embrace to make kids ready for the future entrepreneurship journey.