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YIP Strategy

YIP Strategy

“Let’s assist NeXGen Young Entrepreneurs” and bridge the gap between academics and the real life for our Future Young Ideapreneurs.

At YIP, Young Ideapreneurs is not just another word, it’s part of our organizational legacy and this journey that began in 2014 and continues to power us ahead even today. The culture at YIP is always focus on combinations of Ideation, Entrepreneurship and other must have 21st Century skill education for our Young Ones. These 3 interconnected areas creates best Ideapreneurs with the help of right idea generation, innovation (creating value through new and improved ideas), entrepreneurship 21st Century NeXGen education (especially skill development). Together, these are the cornerstones of inclusive and sustainable growth.

While the process appears to be simple and straightforward, the experiences have often belied the expectations. The fact that it is rather difficult to assess the long-term impact of entrepreneurship education adds to the confusion and ambiguities. Educators therefore have been tinkering with various aspects of entrepreneurship education and training in the hope of arriving at the best design. Obviously, this has led to many innovations in the curriculum, pedagogy, target groups and institutions involved in entrepreneurship education. we have developed a fairly comprehensive picture of what is happening in the field and proposed a theoretical model highlighting the dual role of entrepreneurship education, namely developing enterprising individuals in the society and providing knowledge and skills required for enterprise creation.


It Can Be…
I want to be..
Can we do this….

Entrepreneurship Mindset
I am planning to be…. What Resources I need…. Let’s Try this..
Skill Education

I can help you…
I am comfortable to do this….
I have business plan…

NeXGen Young Ideapreneurs!!!